Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018


The Straub Medical Center was opened in Torrance in 1985.

Our center is different from most hair transplant offices because it is very patient oriented. We have no sales people or consultants.

Dr. Straub is much closer to the patients. He does all of the consultations which typically last about an hour and discusses everything positive and negative about hair transplantation. He also does many more of the duties which are delegated to the assistants in most offices.

He draws the blood samples, takes the patient’s photographs, before and after, does the anesthesia, removes the donor strip and closes the donor site, usually with a trichophytic closure which leaves little or no scar, makes the donor sites and often plants some of the grafts. He puts on the dressings, gives the postoperative instructions and removes the dressings the following day, cleans the operation site and gives the post-operative care instructions. After 14 days he takes out the sutures. 

For years we have done no newspaper, magazine, radio or television advertising. Many years ago Dr. Straub decided that this was very expensive and the patients had to pay for it. He preferred to give this money back to the patients. We take pride in doing the finest quality work at most reasonable prices.