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The Pattern of Hair Loss

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I have a question for the hair transplant experts ,why do some people lose hair even in the donor area?? i mean i see few people left with a thin strip of hair at the sides and back of their head why does this happen?? are these people considered as special cases.

The primary reason men lose hair is hereditary. It can come from the father’s side or the mother’s side. What we inherit is a sensitivity to the male hormones. The hormone which is the most toxic to the hair is dihydro-testosterone. The action is similar to an allergy but not a true allergic reaction. A true allergic reaction is an antibody-antigen reaction. This is more like a toxic reaction.

Some men receive genes for minor hair loss and others receive genes for major hair loss. Male pattern hair loss, which accounts for the vast majority of hair loss in men, but not all of it, continues throughout a lifetime. Thus, as men get older, the balding or thinning area gets larger. The hair on the sides and back, the so-called donor hair, always gets smaller and occasionally gets thinner especially with very advanced age.

There are a few other special cases such as scarring alopecia or alopecia areata which do not follow this pattern. These these cases are rare.
Paul M. Straub, MD, FACS

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