Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Eyelash Hair Transplants


On October 23, 2006, world leaders in eyelash transplantation met at Straub Medical Center. Surgeons from 14 countries and many states gathered to watch demonstrations, share ideas, and learn new techniques.

All experienced surgeons agreed that the selection of patients is crucial to the satisfaction rate. People who have scars from trauma or burns are almost always suitable candidates. Congenital absence of eyelashes and weak eyelashes are good cases. Eyelashes often atrophy with age and these can be replaced. Whether or not younger females who desire to reproduce the appearance that they obtain from artificial eyelashes that are glued on are suitable candidates, is not unanimously agreed on. In general if the lashes look normal to the physician it is not wise to attempt to improve them.

Head hair is used as the donor material and the patient must care for them over a lifetime. They must be trimmed and curled. If you are interested in this procedure discuss it with Dr. Straub.